عبارات عن الصبر واجمل الكلمات والخواطر المكتوبة وبالصور

Phrases about patience are very beautiful that we present here in this article, as patience is a praiseworthy character urged by the Holy Qur’an and the Messenger of God, peace and blessings be upon him, and it is the believer’s weapon to face the difficulties of life and the troubles of life and people’s injustice to people. A wonderful poetic about this good manners.

Phrases about patience

A collection of the most wonderful phrases about patience over life and days and the ability to continue giving and bearing difficulties, you will find them as follows:

  • Perhaps one day you will have to trample thorns with your feet, perhaps it will be a affliction from your Lord, so do not despair, for whenever God loves a servant, He afflicts him.
  • As God Almighty said, after hardship comes ease, and every matter has a time and a measure.
  • One must strive, be patient, persevere, and know that eternity is not eternal.
  • Don’t get tired even if the world drops you into its big holes, you will come out of it and you are more coherent and stronger, and God is with the patient.
  • Do not despair and complete the journey and be patient, for conjunctivitis is easier than blindness.
  • A person is patient with what he hates by bearing it and delegating his command to God, and he is patient with what he loves by abstaining from it in obedience to God and in order to protect himself and people.
  • Not only has the universe been seen by our eyes, but there is something behind it that is wider and bigger and worth patience.
  • You may feel the bitter taste when you swallow patience, but it will soon suffice you, and the results are beautiful.
  • One of the wise says: I would have waited for her for a lifetime and no matter how many years passed, then changed my mind that I found patience with someone to compensate me.
  • With patience and calm we can seize opportunities.
  • Let the days do what they want and what they want with us, for we are satisfied with the judgment of our judiciary, no matter what.
  • Be patient for eternity as patience is the medicine.

Beautiful words about patience

A bouquet of the most beautiful and very beautiful words about patience, we present to you the most beautiful ones:

  • It is the person who has not yet tasted pain who continues to laugh at the wounds of others.
  • With patience, wisdom is gained, and the most wise of people is the one who thinks he is the least wise.
  • Patience strengthens the soul, increases determination, pardons the tongue and lengthens the gaze.
  • Glory be to God, who made after patience ease and after every hardship relief, by His permission, so be patient.
  • No matter how bitter and difficult the patience, the outcome, God willing, is beautiful and good.
  • Be patient with calamity, for greater than calamity is anxiety when it occurs.
  • A person is patient with what he hates and what he loves, first by endurance and secondly by abandoning.
  • Use wisdom, calmness, and patience over anger, oppression, and injustice, and leave the matter to God.
  • Adversity goes away with patience, no matter how long it takes.
  • We heal our days with patience and the possibility of its darkness.
  • Be patient and leave what God has forbidden, for no matter how patient patience is, it will not be like the bitterness of patience over God’s torment.

How many times is patience mentioned in the Quran?

The most beautiful judgment about patience 2021

The most beautiful rule about patience, new and distinctive 2021, we provide a very beautiful group of them here:

  • Learn from the cheerful flowers and from the birds the permanence of their ability to try, and be patient for the judgment of your Lord.
  • Be patient and strive yourself in the way of God until a clear victory comes to you, God willing.
  • Patience is encouraged and valued, but it has to be paired with work.
  • Be patient with people’s hatred and malice, and leave the length of the argument for you.
  • Be patient with people and be patient with yourself, this is how life is, two threads that weave together of patience and gratitude.
  • No matter how long the patience is, know that it makes you an impenetrable arsenal.

Facebook posts about patience

A number of appropriate posts and publications for Facebook about patience and urging it to bear the dark days, we present them as follows:

  • Success will come at last if you first succeed by persisting in patience.
  • There is maturity in patience that you see in the eyes of the patient, so you see them growing up and ahead of their peers by many years.
  • Do not neglect to observe people and be patient with them, to learn from each one of them something new.
  • Be patient, she is stronger than you can imagine, just let her go
  • Do not let the loss of patience lead you to the unfortunate consequences, rather the patient will have a good outcome.
  • Patience provides the soul with determination, strength and the ability to face challenges no matter what.

Beautiful phrases about patience

The most beautiful and very beautiful phrases about patience are distinguished. We present a wonderful group of them here:

  • Patience has many benefits, the most important of which is the maturity of the personality and its stability in everything that confronts it.
  • It helps you to be patient, to see the condition of others who are afflicted and afflicted, so be patient.
  • Be patient, God will provide you with extensions from Him, so be patient with the judgment of your Lord.
  • Patience realizes my wishes and reaches what he seeks.
  • With patience the patient sees the vagina, as it is a mirror that shows it clearly and clearly.
  • God gives the patient from the treasures of his mercy countless.
  • A person is patient until patience gets tired of his patience, and he continues to be patient until he reaps fruits through patience.
  • Patience helps to understand the predestination of God Almighty and the ways of His behavior in the universe and events.
  • Patience represents the greatest benefit to those who are patient, to be patient with God’s judgment.

Ruling on patience and trust in God

Because patience is the benign attitude that every believer needs to live a life that smiles sometimes and frowns in our faces at other times. This is the most beautiful ruling on patience and trust in God:

  • With patience you know men, for it is a trial, as it seduces the dust so that gold comes out.
  • With patience you get to know people, the facts appear clear, and you understand the predestination of God in His creation.
  • With patience, you will reach your goal, and with patience, the impossible will be achieved.
  • The most beautiful moral is patience in spite of the bad things that result from it.
  • Like a farmer, we are patient with planting until its season comes, and these are the results of patience.
  • Patience is wisdom, foresight, and a true understanding of the way things work in this life.

The most beautiful thing said about patience

A lot has been said about patience, but we offer you selections and phrases about patience from these wonderful, beautiful sayings that help us to be patient:

  • Oh God, give us a period of patience for your judgment, for you are the wisest of the rulers.
  • The most wonderful of men is a man of patience and delegated his command to God, Lord of the worlds.
  • Do not rush things, for in haste there is regret, and patience is what bears fruit.
  • With patience, man can endure challenges, achieve dreams, and transcend the impossible, and this is what makes him distinguished among beings.
  • I am patient with myself and I strive for it, and I do not wait for people to be patient with me.
  • Be patient with the prohibitions of God, and God will give you from His bounty unlimited generosity, mercy, and giving.
  • Let the days do what they want, and heal a soul with the ruling of the judiciary.

Verses about patience

A group of the most beautiful words that combined to become poetic verses in poems of the highest magnificence, we present to you the following:

first poem القص

Let the days do what they want.. and take a breath if the judiciary decides

And do not be afraid of the coming of the nights.. the accidents of this world will not last

And be a man of terrors with steadfastness..and your trait is tolerance and loyalty

And if your flaws are many in the wild.. and your secret is to have a cover.

Generosity covers every flaw.. it covers it, as it was said generosity

And you never see humiliation for the enemy.. his gloating is the enemy of a calamity. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And do not hope for forgiveness from a stingy person..there is no water in the fire for the thirsty

And your sustenance is not lacking in deliberation.. and it does not increase the hardship in sustenance

There is no lasting sadness, no pleasure, no misery for you, no prosperity

And whoever descended in his courtyard, the dead.. if the judgment descends, the space is narrowed

Let the days be treacherous all the time..there is no medicine for death

The second poem

Patience is there if the bae is broken..but it is still the baa missing

The patient and the faithful are praised for a purpose.. there is no powerless, the nakedness of negligence is knotted. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And she denied you a navigational obscurity.. in her generosity, as if the star was a cluster

The dowry is given to him by an unfair female.. a sib from God, and the dowry is the lead

And the cash is presented to the dignified dinar.. so let it be after the good beating of money

The night does not carry those who stay awake in it.. and does not avoid sadness while he is lying down

The third poem

I refuse to be patient, because I do not see the full moon rising.. nor the sun, but it reminds me of the majority

They were similar to Ibn Layla and who was he.. It was similar to Ibn Layla, wiping out the light of the planets

A boy that the people of the king did not block him.. if Yumsa went between a door and a barrier

It is as if a teem has not been afflicted by a calamity.. nor two incidents before the day of Ibn Ghalib

And if the hair of the mountains is tear and withers.. they would not have the customs of the old and the misfortunes.

Thoughts about patience

A number of beautiful thoughts and very beautiful expressions of patience that urge patience and the creation of this beautiful and necessary manner to face life are as follows:

First thought

Be patient and give yourself strength to have long patience over people’s actions and the calamities of the world, because patience is an integral part of faith, so make your faith stronger than anything and greater than any challenge.

second thought

Sadness is a black trap, do not fall into it and do not allow it to drag you into it, and seek the help of patience, for it inherits wisdom and saves you, God willing, from all evil and strengthens you over similar traps.

The third thought

Just as trees are patient with the lack of water and the power of the sun to grow year after year, learn patience from them so that you grow roots in the core of the earth and branches in the tops of the sky.

Fourth thought

Although it is a harsh reality, patience is the only hope for us, so hold on to it and hold on to patience and do not deviate from it no matter how many people try to throw stones of despair and submission to your trees.

Watts cases about patience written الص

The most beautiful cases for the famous WhatsApp application written about patience are very beautiful to share with family and friends and strengthen their resolve, and these are the most beautiful:

  • Patience is the key to relief, and wisdom is the companion of patience. She walks beside him, holding hands.
  • Patience is one of the most important things, because it always keeps a person ready.
  • A person remains patient and waits until the real opportunity arises for him.
  • I will be patient and continue my patience, even if patience is tired of me, and let everyone know my intention, and let my dreams know that I am coming.
  • Just as haste is from Satan, for patience is a gift from the Most Merciful.
  • If you understand him in the prevention, the prevention is the same as giving.

Phrases of patience Twitter

For Twitter, we have provided the most beautiful phrases about patience and beautiful and wonderful tweets about this necessary creation, and here are the most wonderful of these phrases:

  • Patience is an ability that a person acquires by learning over the years, so even if you are unable to be patient today, try tomorrow.
  • Be sincere until you get tired of sincerity, and be loyal until you get tired of loyalty, and be patient until you obtain the fruits of sincerity and loyalty.
  • If you do not drink often on the mote, you will thirst, and which people will clear their drinkers.
  • Patience gives you strength and perseverance that you never dreamed of. This is God’s promise to those who are patient and worshipful.
  • Be patient with injustice and consider your issue with God, for God gives respite and does not neglect.

Patience with the decrees of God indicates

Beautiful pictures of patience

A number of very beautiful pictures bearing wonderful expressions of patience that strengthen us and urge us to continue facing life, armed with patience. Here are the most beautiful pictures:

Here we have come to the conclusion of an article about patience, in which we included many words, wisdom, images and verses that urge patience and strengthen resolve.